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But the studio is just 15 minutes that way," she says, gesturing towards the hills."And it's a proper old-fashioned sitcom in front of a studio audience. I only have to work on Thursday if I have any pre-recorded scenes.

She is positively glowing – particularly considering she gave birth less than a month ago – in leggings and a BCBG Max Azria smock. "I've actually played a lot of policewomen on television," she says, proudly.The filming schedule for Accidentally on Purpose meant that she could only take minimal maternity leave but, luckily, the live studio format of the show leaves her with plenty of time off."I had a week off before he was born, three weeks off after he was born, and then I went back to work last week.It was so funny, but very strange." Clearly, there's nothing like a bit of Brechtian vaudeville to forge lasting bonds. "I remember being in the dressing room in Pinewood when I had just got Extras, and he was in Cardiff about to start filming Doctor Who.We were on the phone to each other going, 'Can you believe this? ' It was so strange because we've worked together several times, on some amazing shows.