Dating tips and relationship advice dating the scorpio woman

Checking the Chinese horoscope will give you great insight into your personality, as well as how compatible you are with those born under other zodiac signs when forming a romantic relationship.It can be difficult to maintain a long term relationship through all of the stresses of everyday life, and the more information you have the more likely you will achieve long term happiness. If you are a Snake you may have noticed that you are fairly self contained and don't need much from other people., and as we talk we have boring convrosations and the time of it is also short.

I don't gossip as it is a pet peeve, at least not maliciously, most times I'm just curious to know or if the information will help develop my character creation as I am a writer.

He is horse of Earth, as timid and quiet as me (Snake of wood ) we don`t need a lot of words to feel good, it`s all said in the (deep) look of his eyes. We aren`t the perfect duo at all, but i never had such a tenderful person at my side, so understanding, so able to fulfill my heart with his wise simplicity I am in a relationship with a wood snake and I am a wood horse, the relationship is very passionate, but he does not trust me and is very jealous of me and anything I do, I am with him all the time. This match seems like it can work - Horse are attracted to Snakes, and the Snake man makes us feel feminine, but this relationship is not ideal. t even question passion and take their own feelings too seriously! I've seen a lot of Horse/Snake relationships end badly! Horses are good mates to Snakes in the beginning of the relationship but the Horse ' WILL' lose interest at some point.

Not to be bad partners, we know how we do, we need time to refresh, work, socialized, chat, tell off the world, etc. Because of the Snakes slow, smothering, and fickle nature, Horse will be disappointed!

You are the opposite, and do not share your feelings readily, but the Horse doesn't mind.

Horses are quite social and enjoy parties and gossip.