Loveshack dating

You are now, all of a sudden, an addict displaying some of the worst and most intense withdrawal symptoms, longing for another hit of the addictive substance: .

It’s more likely that you still have feelings for her and thus it will be impossible to be friends.

If you’re committed to getting over your ex and you’ve decided that no one person is worth all this pain, then the no contact rule can work for you. You have to realize: the very thing you used to rely on for comfort is now the source of discomfort.

No contact is so hard because your body is craving for interaction with your ex-girlfriend.

What’s more, you probably want to be friends because deep down you don’t feel ready to let go. Often women aren’t able to accurately tell you why they’re breaking up with you and end coming up with some rationalization after the fact (which may not even be accurate!

) The truth is we don’t choose who we fall in or out of love with, it just happens.