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Southall is located on the Grand Union Canal (formerly the Grand Junction Canal) which first linked London with the rest of the growing canal system.

It was one of the last canals to carry significant commercial traffic (through the 1950s) and is still open to traffic and is used by pleasure craft.

Our late grandfather Bishen Dass Anand opened the first ‘Brilliant Restaurant’ in Kenya in the fifties and was known to be the ‘Master of all Chefs’.

Up until today our grandfather’s recipes live on and are very much the reason our Restaurant has become synonymous and so successful in the Indian Restaurant trade today.

He went on to describe the effects as the poison spread: 'I was feeling pretty hot and sweaty, had a headache and felt pretty sick too with pain in my lower back and a tightness in the chest and a really high blood pressure.

We have been fortunate to have a strong background in the Indian Restaurant industry and grown up in and around the food and catering business.

It was after I won when I did a ten-minute slot on the Oprah Winfrey show which was broadcast in 140 countries that I thought, "This is pretty big now", he added.

'I was enjoying a post-Christmas jet ski session with some friends at a quiet beach on Hamilton Island,' he wrote on the blog which he had to update frequently as part of his job touring the reef islands to promote their beauty.Welcome to Southall History, a website dedicated to the appreciation, promotion and preservation of Southall’s historic past, primarily through the medium of pictorial and photographic records.Archaeological evidence has shown Southall’s lineage to date as far back as Palaeolithic times and written archives dating from AD 830 onwards have recorded the area variously known as Sudhale, Southalle, Hesse-cum-Southall, Southolt, Soutnoor, Southwould and finally Southall, as having progressively evolved from rural fiefdom, rustic hamlet and Industrial Age town, to independent Municipal Borough and finally, to today’s Greater London suburb.The chapelry of Norwood had functioned as a separate parish since the Middle Ages.On 16 January 1891 the parish adopted the Local Government Act 1858 and the Southall Norwood Local Government District was formed.