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Saer Hu Scenic Area covers some 268 km (42 sq mi) Dahuofang Reservoir, the largest man-made lake in northeast China.

There are a number of historic and cultural sites within the area.

It has developed as a thriving center for fuel, power and raw materials and is also offering more and more opportunities in textiles and electronics.

The world's largest open-pit coal mine, the West Open Mine, is located south of the city.

At the end of 2006, the Fushun Mining Group operated the largest shale oil plant in the world, consisting of seven retorting units with 20 retorts in each unit, for a total 140 sets of Fushun type retorts.

Fushun was in a depressed state for near one-and-a-half centuries of the early Qing dynasty.

It was in 1783 that the Fushun new city was completed southwest of the old City.

Fushun has a major aluminum-reduction plant and factories producing automobiles, machinery, chemicals, cement, and rubber.

The total GDP of the city of Fushun was 54.27 billion yuan in 2009 (ranked 4th out of the 58 cities and counties in Liaoning province).