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You never know what their going through or have been through. Gould, Sheena, born 16 June 1977, died 01 June 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona Our Remembrance Sheena was suffered with depression for 13 years of her life but seemed to be getting better.

Pay it forward, be kind to all you meet...could just be saving a life an may never know it...Samantha was always kind to all who knew her. She was very compassionate towards others and always tried to help those who suffered with this horrible disease.

Blecha, Brian, born 09 February 1986, died 15 October 2006 in Kansas, USAOur Remembrance I miss your smile, your laugh, your voice, and your love. Caffrey, Brooke Leigh Telford, born 25 June 1976, died 05 January 2012 in Grand Junction, Colorado Our Remembrance Brooke was a fearless, bold, vibrant woman who served our country for 17 years.

She is remembered as a free spirit, who made friends with nearly everyone.

Her presence is dearly missed by all those who knew her. Will, Ashley, born , died 18 August 2015 in Wisconsin Our Remembrance Ashley J.

For the flow of time continues and runs by no ones clock And how one day and hard times added with hurtful words left hanging in the energy of the day can be the most important moment where support may be needed. And if there is anything that you know now let it be Im sorry ma i just wasnt up to par. I wish I could have stopped him , no different then all the friends and family of these faces. He lit up the darkest days with his smile and his way of making me and others laugh and have fun. Rothwell, Amanda, born 09 January 1987, died in Reston, Virginia Our Remembrance I knew Amanda in my own unique way, not even for that long of a time, and yet she changed my life. I knew of her struggles, she knew of mine, we spent time together sharing each others shoulder to cry on. You were my role model, selfless and strong and I am proud to be your daughter. Costal, Joseph James, born 24 January 1981, died 23 April 2013 in Santa Fe, Tennessee, United States Our Remembrance Joe is missed by many. Love mom Giroux, Wyatt, born 20 June 2001, died 10 March 2017 in Buxton, Maine, America Our Remembrance Forever in our hearts, he took his own life too soon. You don't get no second chance, life is no Nintendo game.

As a lady you were selfless always giving but never receiving atleast not in time because youd try to juggle being the strength for another while letting your own tank fall empty. I would like you to know ma that ill do whatever i can to see the signs and understand that you cant rely on hoping to know if today may be it. You deserved to be proud not worried and it may not count now but ill try everyday to be better Reed, David, born 10 June 1975, died 15 September 2012 in Braidwood, Illinois Our Remembrance This is my friend Dav. I pray he found peace , as well as all these other faces. She was a positive energy when anyone was upset and no matter what she was going through was there for you. He was a brilliantly talented soccer player and academic boy. Ginter, Joshua T, born 31 October 1981, died 6 November 1996 in Ohio Our Remembrance Joshua is my firstborn, the first to make me a Mom. Things had been taking such a good turn in the previous 8 months.