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Dutch peacekeepers' involvement in the Srebrenica massacre has long been a source of national trauma for the Netherlands.

In 2002, then-prime minister Wim Kok and his government resigned following a report that blamed Dutch authorities and the UN for sending ill-equipped troops without a strong enough mandate to prevent the slaughter.

Ziba, Emira and the other 105 women who were sent to Kalinovik, set off for Konjic with their children and several old men and women. She said she was from the 'White Eagles' and that things were going to change for us.A court on Wednesday ordered the Netherlands to compensate the families of more than 300 men turned over to Bosnian Serb forces and later killed in the Srebrenica massacre 19 years ago, but cleared the nation of liability in the deaths of the most of the 8,000 Bosnian Muslims killed.A district court in The Hague said Dutch peacekeepers in Srebrenica, a Bosnian Muslim enclave in Bosnian Serb-held territory, could have known that the 300 men who had sought refuge in their base in the village of Potocari would be murdered if deported from the Dutch compound.Bosnian Serb forces sorted the Muslims by gender, then trucked the males away and began executing them.Their bodies were ploughed into hastily made mass graves in what international courts have ruled was genocide.