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"Like, ' If I didn't really like you, I wouldn't have done that, and I wouldn't even be wasting my time flying you out, and I respect you.'" Jones and Kelly continued their romance, with Kelly, according to Jones, sending her flowers and gifts at work. It was an escape for me." She was single, lonely and her son was living in Europe with her ex-husband. It was in September 2011, during Jones' first trip to Chicago to visit Kelly at his Trump Tower apartment, that she began noticing odd incidents."I had been divorced a couple of years at that point and [I was] meeting some bad guys," Jones says. After Jones texted Kelly that the driver arrived at the airport on time, Jones alleges Kelly told her not to speak to him and inform the singer if the driver talked to her. A Snapchat story she reposted on Facebook also shows them enjoying another one of Kelly’s shows in Charlotte, North Carolina in June. If true, the news comes as no surprise considering R. Halle, who is said to be “Blasian” (Black/Asian), has also posted photos of her and R. Dallas reports that the two were spotted in VIP together after Kelly’s show in Atlanta, and that he is already “head over heels” in love her, enough that he’s even thinking about marriage."They knew not to talk to me or help or anything," she says.Despite the red flags, Jones was starting to fall for Kelly.As she waited in the hotel room for Kelly to arrive, she heard a knock at the door. "I'm thinking we're going to hug or peck each other. But the combination of physical attraction and the two months of courteous courtship just made Jones put the incident "in the back of my head.""I was attracted to him and was just like, ' Well, OK. "Maybe he just has weird ways of getting off." The two had oral sex that weekend, with Kelly, according to Jones, saying things like, "I gotta teach you how to be with me" and "I gotta train you." "He was like a drill sergeant even when he was pleasuring me," Jones says.But he plopped down on the couch and pulled out his penis and started pleasuring himself."Jones was stunned. "He was telling me how to bend my back or move my leg here.

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"It's crap, and that's how we're going to treat it," Kelly told a Chicago TV station at the time.(Jurors admitted after the trial that they could not verify the identity of the girl, who did not testify, despite more than a dozen witnesses identifying her on the tape. "I didn't know there were other girls that he had paid off."Jones says the two began speaking regularly via phone and text for two months after their first meeting, before they met again.Consequently, they could not definitively say that she was underage.)As a radio personality in a still-nascent social-media era, Jones – who first became an on-air DJ in 2006 – was a conduit for listeners to comment on Kelly's legal troubles, including his 2008 acquittal. "I want you to come and see me in Denver," Jones says Kelly told her.In February 2002, De Rogatis, then a reporter and music critic for the Chicago Sun-Times, anonymously received a now-infamous 26-minute video and passed it on to the police.The tape allegedly shows Kelly telling a girl to call him "daddy" and urinating in her mouth.