Sierra nevada freshness dating

Beer bottled in this method is often referred to "living beer".

Bottle conditioning allows yeasts to remain in the beer after it is bottled.

Sierra Nevada Brewing has been producing beers since the early days of the craft beer movement, some of which were among my very first beer friends.

Founded in 1981, Sierra Nevada is perhaps second only to Anchor in my estimation as most sacred of domestic craft brewers.

I have often said that beers can be like old friends.

You meet a lot of new ones in your years, but you always come back to a certain few that you can share fond memories with and that really are special to you.

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Famed English beer writer Michael Jackson once called Sierra Nevada Porter ""...among the best brewed anywhere in the world." I wholeheartedly agree.Sierra Nevada Porter pours to a deep black color with a rich, creamy tan head and a slightly roasty, grassy hop nose.The palate brings forth more roasted, coffeeish character with strong, pudding-like chocolate notes and an emerging grassy-minty, spruce-tasting hop finish.One drawback to Sierra Nevada beers in my opinion is that they have no freshness dating, but their cases are stamped with a bottling date.When I recently visited a local liquor store and saw cases of Sierra Nevada stout and porter bottled in September of this year, I quickly tore into them and brought home a six-pack of each.