Consolidating credit card debt online online

Credit cards can be easy to get into trouble with because after you make a payment, unless you’re maxed out, you can use your credit card again. Before you apply for a low rate credit card to consolidate other debts, make a free, confidential appointment with one of our Credit Counsellors and look at other debt consolidation options.

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We’ll help you prepare your budget and the information you need for your appointment ahead of time.

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If you’re stressed and having trouble paying your debts, get help sooner than later.However, if your credit rating has gone down because of your debts, you may have difficulty applying for a loan.In this case one of our Credit Counsellors can help you look at other debt consolidation options.To learn more about using home equity to consolidate debts, click here.It can be tempting to use your line of credit or bank account overdraft to consolidate your debts into one monthly payment.