Who is john cleese dating

A US court ruled that Miss Eichelberger, an American psychotherapist, should receive £8 million in cash and assets, plus £600,000 per year for seven years, despite the couple having no children.

Cleese was forced to go back on the road to meet the bill, in a one-man show he dubbed the ‘Alimony Tour’.

“Basically, I have to find a million dollars a year until I’m 76.

You don’t get that sort of money by sitting at home,” he said.

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At a court hearing earlier this month it was revealed the actor had been forced to sell a ranch in Santa Barbara, California, to settle the claims.“I couldn’t imagine being with anyone other than Jenny now.And, with my record, that’s a pretty remarkable thing to say.” Cleese was married to Connie Booth, his Fawlty Towers co-star, from 1968-1978. His second marriage, to Barbara Trentham, also produced a daughter and lasted from 1981-1990. Cleese’s friends cautioned him against jumping into marriage number four.They always seem to be blonde, American; the only difference is that each time they get younger and younger.” Miss Wade is blonde and considerably younger than her new husband, but was born in Britain and raised in South Africa, New Zealand and Spain.She is divorced from her first husband, Old Harrovian businessman Richard Norris, and told the Daily Telegraph last year: “My lawyer said he wanted to put up a photograph of me in his office with a sign above it saying, ‘The woman who took nothing’.” In addition to her jewellery business, Miss Wade is a muse for the artist Jonathan Wylder, posing nude for his bronze sculptures.