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Ridiculously, Vivastreet claim that there is no evidence of money having changed hands.

Like many other businessmen who work in my organization, vivastreet is just not worth the hassle. These people are all too greedy, getting money from every side of the coin.

Viva street put me with girls that don't judge me . Avoid Vivastreet As an escort, You post an Advert on Vivastreet webpage and every time takes 4-5days when not longer, you always need to call them to publish it.

I did use their webpage in France and Belgium too and its even worst. They get your money and do not refund, you just lose it.

Stunning place very high quality parlour with amazing hot girls wow I'm still reeling from last visit to two hot bi girls wot a experience!!! They are now quite draconian and hypocritical, as they allow obscene popups, yet rules for independent advertisers are far too limited. Photos you put up can disappear without an explanation.

For those interested dungeon and glory hole in new premises if that's your thing but if not I'm sure whatever your thing is they will cater for it, definately would recommend this discreet establishment Bad news for an Independent Escort. If you do not check daily, you may have no advert up at all.