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The popular winger, who is the Carrow Road stadium announcer at home matches, follows in the footsteps of Darren Eadie, Leon Mc Kenzie and Cedric Anselin in making his struggles public.Tomorrow he will open up about depression at a business breakfast to raise money for Norfolk Paralympic swimmer Jessica-Jane Applegate.

Visitors spend more money in New York than any city in the world thanks, Forbes suggests, to its iconic landmarks. Paris A distant third, Paris claims its place only thanks to its domination of the still-important French market with virtually all of the country's home-grown companies basing their headquarters there. Singapore The most influential city in Asia, Singapore has a population of just five million but an infrastructure which is the envy of the world.Speaking ahead of the event Forbes, 38, told how he felt “lost and forgotten” when his football career came to an end, and that depression threatened to consume him.He said: “At 32, I faced the situation where I’d had nine operations on one knee, and just couldn’t carry on as a player – something I’d done for 20 years."For the time being, the future of the global city belongs not to the biggest or fastest growing but the most efficient and savvy, and those with a strong historical pedigree.This raises the bar for all cities that wish to break into this elite club." The world's top 10 most influential cities: 1.