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An app which almost exclusively relied on photos for partner match.

There are various reasons for the success of Tinder – not just the ease of only looking at photos.

Our personalities colour the way we look to certain people.

Your partner doesn’t have to be the most physically attractive person in a room for you to see him or her that way.

The minimum effort set-up of the app, and the focus on elements such as mutual friends, shared interests, and geographic location have attracted a whole new breed of male online dater.

Men who would never have joined paid dating websites.

Sure." Barbra answers."I think he prefers blonds." Opines Dick.but when it comes to potentially lifelong partnerships, looks fade, and a personality will endure.But how do you assess how attractive someone’s personality is? This will be Robin‘s third marriage, after being married to Sean Penn for 13 years.She was also married to Dane Witherspoon, who she divorced in 1988.