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Even before the abolition of slavery in 1834 and the end of the apprenticeship system for ex-slaves in 1838, free Africans arrived.

Blacks from the United States also settled in Trinidad.

I’ll let the others chime in of course, but my initial, (un) educated guess is that aside from South Africa, modern-day African women aren’t constantly bombarded with guilt about “slave master love” like American black women are.

The terms "Trinidad White" and "Pass as White" are sometimes used to deride those who are considered White in Trinidad but would not be so considered elsewhere.The vast majority were Hindus, but there was a significant Muslim minority.Planters were encouraging Portuguese speakers from Madeira and Chinese from the Cantonese ports of Whampoa and Namoa to come as indentured laborers.It attracted white and colored French planters who brought their African and African-descended slaves to cultivate sugar and cocoa.While controlled by Spain, Trinidad became French in orientation and dominant language use.