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This is the stand alone sequel to my story "Not Kyle". There is only a single sex scene in this story, expanding on what happened to the POV character of Not Kyle, Sarah, after she passed out. *** Kyle was a good friend of mine, but not any more. Also i love leather and dirty talk :) I love when i a hot and wet until you get a anal orgasm. Let my to your hot mouth and your wet i am a kind person. Bel Ami was the first studio to introduce Eastern European men to the gay porn world.In addition to their stunning good looks, the Bel Ami boys are also known for being down-to-earth, clean-cut, and fun-loving guys who sometimes end up joining the production staff at Bel Ami. "Lucky Lukas" was one of Bel Ami's first breakout stars and he's now one of their most popular directors.

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