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This information can be obtained from each institution's Turnitin administrator. The master class ID and TA join password is required, and can only be gained from your instructor. Set your section name and enrollment password, then click Submit. If you're an instructor outside of the UK, visit the password reset page. You may receive an error message stating that 'editing has been disabled for this native account'. Your institution's Turnitin account administrator needs to contact their Turnitin sales representative in order to renew the Turnitin license.

Your email and last name is required, and can be gained from your account administrator. Once the institution's account is renewed, your classes will become available again.

For more information on the release, please see Announcing the .

Creating or Joining an Account - Creating a User Account If you're a UK instructor, visit the Turnitin account creation form.

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Create a name for the assignment and set the start, due, and post dates.

NET Framework a singular component so that it would behave in an intuitive fashion with respect to reboots. It does not enable the use of later versions of Direct X with WPF. Please tell us what you think about the release and how it is working for you in your environment.

As a result, the Direct X component is a pre-requisite not an included component. The feedback on wanting to use later versions of Direct X has been passed on to the WPF team. Please share your feedback in the comments below or on Git Hub. Updated 2017/06/15 Updated 2017/06/01: Fixed a broken hyperlink for KB4019265 Updated 2017/05/22: Updated information about the Direct X dependency to note that the dependency is now available on Windows Update, WSUS and the MU Catalog.

This will display the paper information, which, among other pieces of information, includes the submission ID, word count, resubmission count, and date last submitted. Late Submissions - Viewing Late Submissions From your instructor homepage, click the class title. Any late submissions will appear in red in the Date column. In the top right-hand corner, click send administrator an email to open your device's email client.

Late Submissions - Allowing Late Submissions From your instructor homepage, click the class title. Alternatively, right-click on send administrator an email and click copy email address (this text may differ depending on your browser-type). Submitting Papers for Students - Uploading a Single File Click the class name for the assignment you wish to access.