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I mentioned this to Carla, a friend of mine who had the reputation of being a little too much fun at a party.

She told me she would show me something at my party that would help me out.

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He started to dance around me – he was one of those male strippers. He stared at a spot right at the top of the vee between my legs and began that same slow upward thrust he had done earlier.

The girls were urging him on, laughing and giggling at my embarrassment as he stripped to a little red thong. He leaned back with his legs spread and said, “Let me teach this young virgin bride what’s going to happen Sunday night.” Your man is going to grab you….he’s going to take your fine young body straight to bed.” The other girls were laughing at my embarrassment and urging him on. I stared at his cock and watched in amazement as it started to grow. It lifted up and began to inch its way up his stomach, stopping just short of his belly button.

” He thrust his hips up several times, simulating sex. Mesmerized by the whole scene, I had matched him thrust for thrust as I watched him grow and I was soaking wet between the legs. I had the overpowering urge to pee, so I headed for the bathroom telling her I would think about it.

He was dressed in tight jeans, a cowboy hat, boots, a western shirt and one of those long, black dusters. I had worn very tiny bikini panties and, if I lifted my skirt much higher, he would be able to see almost everything. His cock fell out and every woman in the house gasped.

He had a six-gun strapped to his waist and he was carrying a rope. In a few seconds, I had lifted my skirt almost to my waist. It almost touched the floor as it hung between his legs!

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