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The first Muslim stronghold to fall was Toledo in 1085; the last was Granada in 1492.As the Christian re-conquest gained momentum, Jews in these newly re-conquered Christians territories began to suffer from increasingly harsher persecutions.Isabella was a "fervent" Christian and, in 1478, she asked the Pope for permission to set up an Inquisition to weed out heresy in the Christian world.The Pope obliged, issuing on November 1, 1478, a papal bull called Exigit Sincere Devotionis.

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(We should note, however, that the very first Inquisition actually took place in 1233 under orders from Pope Gregory IX to combat a group of French-Christian heretics called "Albigenses." This first Inquisition was relatively mild and did not as a rule sentence people to death.

First given shelter by some Christians, these Jews were pressured to convert. Estimates rage between tens of thousands to as many as 600,000. 1095.) Many of those who converted did so only outwardly, continuing to practice Judaism in secret.

In due time, the Christians caught on to these phony conversions and decided to root out the heretics.

The key point is that it really didn't matter if they repented - they died either way.

What if some people refused to confess even under torture?