Dating a guy with a broken heart

Following a few basic truths from God's Word is the answer to preventing much heartbreak. God says in His Word, "Do not be unequally yoked." Since dating often times leads to marriage, you don't ever want to get involved with an unbeliever.

Plus, "Bad company corrupts good morals." You may think that you're just having fun and you never intend to marry the person you're dating.

You can choose to like them by tapping the ✔ sign on the top right or you can choose to dislike them by tapping the ✘ sign on the top left.

Godly integrity is often not a part of dating, and enormous consequences and heartbreak are inevitable.

If you don't respect whom you're dating, and if they do not respect you, stop the relationship now!

Often I hear a woman tell me that the man does not respect her, and he pushes her too far in the area of sex.

I have known people who began dating someone just for fun and ended up marrying them.

With deep regret they admit they made a huge mistake. The key to a good marriage is respect; therefore, one of the biggest goals in dating should be respect.