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One good thing about Pakamac is that they kept their prices very reasonable even though they were leaders in their particular field, and their successors have followed suit.Nor have they sacrificed quality-just try the PEVA macs of Stay Dry!I accidentally deleted it, hence my not being in touch.Despite the wonderful convenience of Pakamacs, I have my eyes on an olive green heavy latex rubber mac, from Weathervain, and this may be my next purchase..for thought...a rubber mac...rubber mac...

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Because the girls preferred the more colourful macs, which were frowned upon, it followed that far more boys wore the standard plastic Pakamacs than girls.Hello Brian, , I am the sole author of the works you mention, they have never been distributed anywhere so I would rather like to know how you came to read them, especially as I have only allowed MP3 files to be listened to by a couple of very close contacts.It is possible though, that a few rather badly written stories of mine were seen on my old yahoo website, now defunct for some time. My more recent works have been produced over the past eight years now, and a great deal of effort in recording them as audio books, in as a professional a way as possible, has gone into my self set task, eight full chapters in all, each lasting thirty to fifty minutes.In the meantime, I will keep searching for those cherished gems from Chadderton....... I have just discovered the site and have very much enjoyed reading all the comments with interest bringing back old memories of when I was taken to get fitted for school rainwear or my sisters .In west London where I lived there were two shops that specialised in school uniforms one for boys and gents and the other for girls and both fully stocked pakamac plastic and nylon raincoats which were compulsory then at most schools in the area.