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According to the Duma’s Committee on Social Defense, two-thirds of all murders in 2009 were of women who died in domestic disputes.

Frederica Behr of Amnesty International in Moscow has reported that there are three times as many Russian women murdered at home as in any other European country, and that one woman dies by unnatural causes per hour in Russia compared with one per week in the U. Marina Pisklakova-Parker, the founder of Russia’s first hotline and crisis center for women, was quoted in saying that “the number of Russian women killed will keep increasing, as there is no law that would punish domestic crime.

From my own experience dating a Russian man, I found out for myself just how much.

That relationship gave me a lot of divergent “firsts”: first time a boyfriend painted my portrait vs.

Both the state and society treat this issue as something everybody is used to. And it is commonplace in Russia, too, that women forgive their men for the beatings.” Less dangerous, but equally demoralizing for women, is the rampant infidelity practiced by men in Russia.

The Russian I was seeing was married at the time of our relationship.

According to what I could ascertain, about 60% of men in the US will have an affair, but only 22% will reveal that to a researcher and only a small percentage of them will also reveal it to their wives.

During my time in Moscow, I discovered that this culture of infidelity has a crushing impact on women’s relationships with each other as well.

Many years of the one-child-per-family law and an overwhelming preference for sons made abortion and infanticide of baby girls almost de rigueur.

In her book Pamela Druckerman writes that “in Moscow, women in their forties told me that, by necessity, they only date married men.

That’s because…the life expectancy for Russian men has fallen so sharply (to 59) that by age 65 there are just 46 men left for every 100 women.” Tessa thinks this is true for younger women as well.

I recently did a radio interview the subject of which was “Are Russian men ugly?

” and the point I made was that it doesn’t really matter if they are or not, because the pool of men is so limited that women will flock to them anyway.