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How often the frames are captured (and therefore how smooth the animation will be) depends on the parameter.The more frames and the more frequently they are captured, the better and less jerky the GIF will look, but it will also be bigger.Fortunately, it is all abstracted enough that we only need to call the method and wait for it to be generated on the background using Web Workers.

Some homework for the reader could be to show a progress bar or other fancy similar effect while GIFs are being encoded, or even improve this so that the captured GIFs are actually sent to other users via real peer to peer connections over Web RTC.And that's how your funny faces get captured and travel down the wire to people all over the world. I thought that maybe perusing the entire codebase of Meatspaces Chat would be a bit too much if you're only interested in the GIF side of things, so I build this little demo app that periodically captures GIFs using your webcam and adds them to the page.It also uses gum Helper, Animated_GIF and a simplified version of the Video Shooter module.Anyone could sign in using Persona, and start sending messages to the one chat room.The avatar associated to your Persona account would be shown along with the message you sent, and messages would be deleted after a few minutes.