Album art not updating android

If you die a little inside each time the default image pops up instead of the proper album cover, take heart--here's one free, easy way to find and download most missing of your art to your Android mobile device automatically.

I have spent 2 entire days on this but havent been able to figure out,if someone has any ideas, please please share.

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I found out that behind the contentprovider for media, there is a sqlite database which has 3 tables ofinterest, a "audio_meta" table, an "albums" table and yet another"album_art".After you install the app on your device, it scans your SD card and automatically tries to import and fix media cover for tracks that have them missing.The scanning and importing of images is quick and is applied to the entire album at once.I set the option to auto save to the SD card and have also tried the rescan media thing, none of which has an effect. While listening to music on your smartphone, how would you love to see the tracks that are playing? Well, looking at both the images below, I sure like the right one. Do you have to read out the track’s album name just because the album art cover is missing? Today I am going to talk about two amazing apps for Android using which you can easily download all the missing album art information of tracks.