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He refused interviews from Ukrainian journalists, saying he was not a public figure.It’s unclear if Manafort speaks Ukrainian or Russian, but reporters would spot him at the posh Inter Continental Kyiv hotel.The meeting was arranged by Akhmetov, who wanted Yanukovych to work with an American to repair his image as opposed to Gleb Pavlovsky, a Russian who advised Putin until 2011.Akhmetov’s camp insisted on a partnership with American consultants.Because his client Yanukovych was ousted and fled to Russia, to the city of Rostov. It is almost like an anecdote." -- Ukrainian political expert Oleg Kravchenko Manafort’s entry into Ukrainian politics Ukrainian political experts say Manafort, 67, was first hired to work in Ukraine more than a decade ago by the country’s wealthiest businessman, Rinat Akhmetov.Akhmetov, (right), a steel and iron ore magnate, is worth an estimated .8 billion, according to Forbes.

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Davis, and former Ronald Reagan advance man Rick Ahearn.Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's political strategist Paul Manafort (L) speaks with former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson as they arrive for a Trump for President reception April 21, 2016.(Getty) Paul Manafort, the adviser hired by Donald Trump to add stability and institutional know-how to Trump’s often scattershot presidential campaign, has long and deep reported ties to pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine.I am helping to build a political party." It is unclear how much money Manafort earned while working in Ukraine because campaign payments are not public information. Justice Department annual report, Manafort’s company received just ,750 from Yanukovych's Party of Regions over a six-month period ending on March 31, 2008, for consulting services.Mustafa Nayyem, the Ukrainian member of parliament, says the American strategist could have made anywhere from million to million during the 2006 parliamentary campaigns alone. Ukrainian political analyst Igor Kushnir said it’s not unique for Manafort to work with a variety of politicians who hold different alliances. Before that he coordinated Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaign. It is their job to consult all kind of politicians," Kushnir said.