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“The idea that mental illness is ‘all in your head’ is not only outdated, but can make us blind to the physical symptoms that can be a sign of mental health problems,” Rethink Mental Illness spokeswoman Nia Charpentier tells .“For example, if you have anxiety, you may experience a fast heart rate and sweating; or for someone living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the flashbacks can cause aches and pains, or make you feel sick.Likewise, some people experiencing schizophrenia experience cognitive deficits — problems with attention, memory, verbal skills and other mental functions.It’s also common to experience what’s called ‘functional decline’. It’ll make you faster, smarter, more focused, more confident, more loved up, it’s kind of spiritual…will put you in touch with the inner you. With this pill, you’ll be able to read minds, talk to the animals and even time travel. help Female: Come on, cheer up grumpy face, it’s a party! It’s like the best high you’ve ever had in your life times ten!

These non-psychotic symptoms tend to last longer — a long period of functional decline is part of a confirmed diagnosis of schizophrenia.Similarly, depression can affect your appetite, causing you to either lose or gain weight.Eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia are perhaps the most obvious ways that serious mental illness can affect a person’s physical health. Male: No thanks Female: I got skunk, acid, ecstasy, coke, speed, ketamine, bubble, jellies? Male: No thanks Female: You’re looking for something different.